Training assessment

  A suprisingly quick drive took me to the Lakeland Climbing Centre aka Kendal Wall where I had an appointment with the acclaimed coach, Neil Gresham, to do a 1-2-1 assessment for a personal training plan. I parked up outside a tall building wondering if this was all in use. A friendly welcome and a minimum […]

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New Dawn or Old Dogs?

I always wanted to climb E6, that was nearly as hard as it got when I started climbing in the early 80s. Johnny Dawes was on the cover of guidebooks doing E6s. That was the top from my low vantage point, to climb that you needed to be good, really good. 35 years later, you […]

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Is Johnny Rotten?

Is Johnny Rotten? I wondered if John Lydon, a.k.a Johnny Rotten of the Sex pistols, the original icons of punk could have any relevance in the 21st century? Fronting his band P.I.L (Public Image Limited, founded shortly after the demise of the Sex Pistols), could this master media manipulator have anything to say, or was he just […]

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Chicken….of the woods

Haven’t done a mushroom for a bit so here is a great one to eat and an easy one to identify – Chicken of the Woods. People often say bright colours like red is natures way of saying poisonous – nonsense! Red apples, strawberries, raspberries, cherries – see what I mean? Likewise with this fungus, […]

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Something a bit different, a piece I wrote quickly, after the event, very much in the moment. So the deed is done, I rope soloed Kilnsey Main Overhang via the original line, Mandela. It took an afternoon evening and morning. Now I sit here in Sandbach Services, sipping coffee and eating cake. I am aching, sides aching […]

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We watched a movie last night called the Hundred Foot Journey. The plot revolved around  two restaurants in France, one Michelin starred and French, the other new and Indian, started by a family from Mumbai. At the core of the movie was a passion for food, and local foraged food was featured regularly, with multiple […]

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Diary of a madman

  Some folks see me as an adrenalin fuelled risk taker, sky diving, base jumping, deep diving, hard climbing big walling, winter climbing, dry tooling, mushroom picking mad man, and now big route rope soloing. That’s all crazy yes? No, no, no. Let’s look at viewpoints. I overheard a fellow climber talking about skydiving, why […]

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