Quick, apples!

Have you got apples – in your garden on the trees, on the ground, in the neighbourhood, on a tree on the way to work or school? Are they left to rot on the lawn or do you slowly gather them up and put them on the compost heap or in the bin? Are they squashed all down the […]

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So the perennial question is why climb? For me it’s adventure, plain and simple. Yes I sport climb in quarries up safer than safe bolts, on less than half a rope length routes where the commitment level is zero, the risk is less than a walk to the local shops, and people watch me from […]

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Mushroom made good

The Brown Birch Bolete (Leccinum scabrum) is a generous sized (up to 15cm across, and 15cm tall) mushroom, with a brown cap (no red cracks), with grey green tubes underneath, white unchanging flesh and a bulbous to straight stem with a dark ‘net’ on it. I have a local spot for these and they are quite edible but….they seem […]

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