We watched a movie last night called the Hundred Foot Journey. The plot revolved around  two restaurants in France, one Michelin starred and French, the other new and Indian, started by a family from Mumbai.
At the core of the movie was a passion for food, and local foraged food was featured regularly, with multiple mushroom picking references. The local farmers market with sumptuous low mileage produce provided a further lush back drop.
This fervour for your own food is something that drives me, whether growing or foraging. I had a great example a couple of weeks back. During the day I had gathered a bag of local St George’s mushrooms (post coming soon), with their distinct mealy smell and dense white flesh.

2016-05-06 19.18.12
St Georges Mushrooms


In the evening I went climbing in the Peak District at Willersley Castle near Cromford. This limestone woodland was a carpet of ransoms, also known as wild garlic (horse radish was also present). Only the torrential rain kept down the mouth watering scent of massed ransoms in bloom. I returned with several handfuls of leaves and flowers, no loss to the acres of plants.

2016-05-19 21.13.00
Ransoms or wild garlic

The next evening with mushrooms and garlic at the ready I gathered a pan full of chard – a spinach like leafy vegetable – from our garden,

2016-05-28 15.08.13

added a little tofu and prepared dinner. The resulting ‘spinach’ and mushroom curry, accompanied by home made wine made from foraged apples, was a product of my passion, and delivered more pleasure than any meal prepared from unknown ingredients whether at home or in a restaurant.

2016-05-20 21.02.50



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