New Dawn or Old Dogs?

I always wanted to climb E6, that was nearly as hard as it got when I started climbing in the early 80s. Johnny Dawes was on the cover of guidebooks doing E6s. That was the top from my low vantage point, to climb that you needed to be good, really good. 35 years later, you […]

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Something a bit different, a piece I wrote quickly, after the event, very much in the moment. So the deed is done, I rope soloed Kilnsey Main Overhang via the original line, Mandela. It took an afternoon evening and morning. Now I sit here in Sandbach Services, sipping coffee and eating cake. I am aching, sides aching […]

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We watched a movie last night called the Hundred Foot Journey. The plot revolved around  two restaurants in France, one Michelin starred and French, the other new and Indian, started by a family from Mumbai. At the core of the movie was a passion for food, and local foraged food was featured regularly, with multiple […]

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Diary of a madman

  Some folks see me as an adrenalin fuelled risk taker, sky diving, base jumping, deep diving, hard climbing big walling, winter climbing, dry tooling, mushroom picking mad man, and now big route rope soloing. That’s all crazy yes? No, no, no. Let’s look at viewpoints. I overheard a fellow climber talking about skydiving, why […]

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Way back when, I skydived, skydived nearly two thousand times. I took part in most disciplines, relative work, competitions, canopy relative work (holding on to each others parachutes to form stacks and different shapes), coaching, and camera work. I also did a few B.A.S.E jumps (jumping from fixed objects – buildings, aerials, spans, earth). For skydiving/parachuting […]

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The colour of magic

This was supposed to be a Christmas post but the whole moving house thing slowed things up. I want to celebrate the turning of the seasons with colours beyond plastic and paint, with colours used by our earthly companions, in this case mostly the humble fungi. In a half hour walk to the post office […]

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Footsteps in the snow

I thought of making jam, picking mushrooms, brewing wine. I trudged on through the mist. My partner had set off at pace, I set off at a different pace. Within 5 minutes he was out of sight and I started wondering if he was going to stop at the turning – he had the map and knew […]

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