Way back when, I skydived, skydived nearly two thousand times. I took part in most disciplines, relative work, competitions, canopy relative work (holding on to each others parachutes to form stacks and different shapes), coaching, and camera work. I also did a few B.A.S.E jumps (jumping from fixed objects – buildings, aerials, spans, earth). For skydiving/parachuting […]

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The colour of magic

This was supposed to be a Christmas post but the whole moving house thing slowed things up. I want to celebrate the turning of the seasons with colours beyond plastic and paint, with colours used by our earthly companions, in this case mostly the humble fungi. In a half hour walk to the post office […]

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Footsteps in the snow

I thought of making jam, picking mushrooms, brewing wine. I trudged on through the mist. My partner had set off at pace, I set off at a different pace. Within 5 minutes he was out of sight and I started wondering if he was going to stop at the turning – he had the map and knew […]

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Quick, apples!

Have you got apples – in your garden on the trees, on the ground, in the neighbourhood, on a tree on the way to work or school? Are they left to rot on the lawn or do you slowly gather them up and put them on the compost heap or in the bin? Are they squashed all down the […]

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So the perennial question is why climb? For me it’s adventure, plain and simple. Yes I sport climb in quarries up safer than safe bolts, on less than half a rope length routes where the commitment level is zero, the risk is less than a walk to the local shops, and people watch me from […]

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