So whats it all about?

This blog is a story, a story of my travels through life foraging experiences. There will be foraging for food, foraging for challenges as I climb, foraging for sound as I go to see music, foraging for new worlds as I dive, foraging for beauty as I see the natural world around me. I will put in some ‘how to’ stuff related to food – how to brew various things, how to collect produce. Sometimes I might vent my spleen or try to relate to the world through my experiences. So if you care to join me, let me begin.

NOTE: When foraging you must use a book to help identify what you collect, especially mushrooms, where 2 is recommended. I don’t put in all the features, think of dogs – it has a brown coat and floppy ears, but that doesn’t mean its a Spaniel. If I said brown and white coarse coat, was 1m long and 40cm tall, with floppy ears and baggy eyes, and floppy jowls then that would be a more complete description. So it is with mushrooms. I strongly recommend John Wright’s River Cottage guide to mushrooms, written with foraging in mind + another good field guide.


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